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HBOT offers patients an all-natural, integrative approach to health and recovery. For you and your family, the greatest natural alternatives are available at our HBOT clinics in Washington. Thousands of patients under the care of Dr. Tamoro McDonald have received improvement and relief for a variety of incapacitating diseases. Dr. Tamoro McDonald has provided patients who have exhausted all other options with a distinct kind of holistic approach using HBOT therapy. Many of our patients come to us after trying numerous prescription drugs at the advice of their prior doctors and healthcare providers, but failing to see any improvement and even experiencing significant side effects. We urge you to investigate a risk-free, all-natural substitute that is transforming lives.

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of holistic practitioners who believe in exploring healing options that are natural and provide natural results without adverse side effects. This is our commitment to each and every one of our patients we serve.

A Team That Sincerely Cares

We Don’t Have Patients, We Have An Extended Family

The great advantages that oxygen therapy has to offer can be explored with the assistance of our team of HBOT specialists. We provide both in-office and at-home hyperbaric alternatives at our Washington facility.

All of Washington is served by our conveniently situated office at 4329 A St SE, Suite F Auburn, WA 98002.

We have a committed team available to address any inquiries you may have about HBOT sessions. Call (253) 893-3858 during regular business hours to get in touch with us.

HBOT Aids A Wide Range Of Conditions

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HBOT is an extension of nature’s simplicity and yet a rarity in the medical world since it encourages the body’s innate capacity to create and regenerate healthy cells on its own. This is frequently the outcome of contemporary medicine’s reliance on intricate procedures and medicines to address even the most straightforward illnesses.

The decision to use HBOT has the potential to have a variety of long-term advantages, including (but not limited to) an increase in red blood cells by promoting the growth of new blood vessels to carry more blood, quick wound healing by restoring tissue oxygen levels to normal in areas where they have been depleted due to disease or injury, skin regeneration, tissue restoration, and an improvement in the body’s defence mechanisms’ capacity to fight infection and kill bacteria.

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Tamoro McDonald, ND

IBUM Certified Hyperbaric Physician

Tamoro McDonald, ND, is the Medical Director and co-founder of Docere Integrated Medicine, along with her husband and best friend, Shane McDonald, MSOS, in Auburn, Washington.

Dr. McDonald graduated from Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington, earning her bachelor’s degree in nutrition science and her doctoral degree in Naturopathic medicine.

A licensed physician in Washington state, Dr. McDonald practices family medicine for all ages and has a special interest in environmental medicine, GI health, nutrition, food allergies and sensitivities, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, Autobrewery Syndrome and physical medicine. She has advanced training in nutrition, Hyperbaric oxygen therapies, womens health, IV nutrient therapies, and chelation therapies.

Trained as a primary care provider, Dr. McDonald integrates natural and Western medicines to give her patients the best care possible. She believes direct care and integrative medicine will bridge the current gap in our healthcare system.

Dr. McDonald has been a part of the Auburn community for 59 years. She understands and appreciates the ability to make a difference in the community. With this in mind, she spent over 25 years in early childhood education, as well as volunteering as a soccer and softball coach for youth and coaching and managing adult soccer.

It’s with this appreciation for the community that she practices integrative medicine and participates in non-profit medicine work as well.

As a true-hearted Washingtonian, she enjoys the rain, thunderstorms, snow, coffee, and her beloved local sports teams. Dr. McDonald also enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially her grandchilden, and playing Rebels hockey.


Shane McDonald, Clinic Director

IBUM certified Safety Officer

Shane is a decorated military veteran, former police officer, and a graduate of Bastyr University, where he simultaneously received both a Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture and a bachelor of science degree in Natural Health Science.
Shane is the Clinic Director and Co-Founder of Docere Integrated Medicine. Shane has a passion for his community and enjoys giving back through non-profit work. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, long motorcycle rides with his wife, and traveling. He plays Rebels hockey with his wife and adult children and is a master coffee roaster.

Kyle Couts

Hyperbaric Technician

Dr. Wendy Eidman

Hyperbaric Physician

Wendy Eidman, ND, took a long and winding road to naturopathic medicine. In 1994, Dr. Eidman earned her degree in journalism at California State University, Chico. During her career as a journalist, Dr. Wendy worked as a news anchor and reporter, earning more than a dozen awards for excellence in reporting and feature writing before turning her attention to science. She earned her second bachelor’s degree in 2008, graduating with honors from the biology program at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and she graduated from medical school at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL, in 2016.
Today Dr. Wendy lives in the woods of Gold Bar, WA, with her partner of many years, Yusuf. She has two grown kids.

Shannon Mudge

Shannon Mudge

Patient Services, Hyperbaric Technician

Rachel Monen

Front desk at HBOT USA Washington



HBOT Trainer

Here at our Washington clinic we are always looking for innovative ways to support our patients.

Meet our newest staff member, Roxy. Roxy is a hypoallergenic Bernedoodle, who was brought in to help improve patient experience in our chambers. Since day one, her support has been an invaluable part of the experience here at HBOT Washington. She has logged over 140 sessions and rarely goes a day without sharing a dive with a patient. Roxy originally came on board for a specific patient base of adults and children who experience anxiety or autism, allowing them to focus on Roxy as opposed to themselves. The results have been extraordinary, and she is an irreplaceable member of our team.
When you come for your next visit, make sure to take time to introduce yourself to her if you have not already!

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