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Find out more about the in-home and in-office therapy options we now provide. Numerous people have improved in a wide range of diseases thanks to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. More than ever, we’ve made it simple for patients to receive care at home whenever it’s most convenient for them. There are currently over 120 reported illnesses for which hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been found to be useful and beneficial, according to numerous published medical studies, outside of the FDA-approved purposes for HBOT therapy. We take great pride in being among the original suppliers of in-home HBOT services in Washington. We appreciate that you have chosen HBOT Washington for all of your oxygen therapy needs.

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Athletes and thousands of people wanting to benefit from oxygen sessions are now purchasing HBOT hyperbaric oxygen machines for in-home use, spurred on by a growing number of patient success stories. These devices offer rapid and simple access, which is appealing to patients who have a busy lifestyle or who just want the flexibility to receive HBOT sessions when it’s most convenient for them in the comfort of their own homes.

HBOT therapy is now used to benefit a wide range of conditions, including cerebral palsy, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, anemia, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, sports injuries, low energy, brain injuries, ALS, wound and scar aiding, post-surgical care and healing, improved performance, dementia, bell’s palsy, and autism, to name a few.

HBOT Washington offers both in-home HBOT chambers and sessions at our facilities. To speak with one of our experts and find out more about the advantages of HBOT therapy, call us at one of our Washington HBOT clinics. We are pleased to address any of your concerns and determine whether oxygen therapy will benefit you or a loved one.

A Natural Alternative To Healing

Is HBOT Therapy Safe?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been clinically shown to represent little to no risk to patients, regardless of their age or physical condition, whereas many patients contend with potential side-effects of prescription medication ranging from cardiac issues to loss of muscle coordination. In actuality, there are numerous safe alternatives to conventional medical sessions available to people today. As a result of its successful therapeutic effects, HBOT has been receiving a lot of attention and notoriety.

Tightness in the ears and sinus cavity is the most typical HBOT adverse effect. There may be some moderate ear pressure pain among certain hyperbaric patients. This discomfort is brought on by the shift in atmospheric pressure and is comparable to the pressure experienced while climbing or descending in an aeroplane.

Your demands for hyperbaric oxygen therapy are met in a secure, cozy, and pleasant setting at our Washington HBOT locations. Depending on the demands and desired results of our patients, we offer light to high pressure sessions in both hard and soft sided chambers in our clinics.

Ask us about our HBOT therapy chambers for use at home. Today, you can enjoy all the advantages of oxygen sessions in the convenience of your own home. Our HBOT units give you all the advantages of oxygen therapy without the inconvenience and emotional upheaval that frequently accompany flying and being in a hospital setting. Call to find out more: (253) 893-3858

Who Can Use HBOT?

Is HBOT safe for everyone?

Yes, everyone is perfectly safe to use hyperbaric oxygen. Several people have received sessions with HBOT, and youngsters respond amazingly to it. Many of our younger patients receive the same helpful sessions at our Washington clinics. In reality, studies on kids with brain injuries, learning and developmental disabilities, autism, and genetic abnormalities have found considerable potential in the use of oxygen therapy. Give us a call to find out more about HBOT for your kids. Several of the advantages of our HBOT therapy chambers used in Washington are also available in our at-home chambers. Find out from us which option is best for you and your family. Contact us right away at (253) 893-3858 to find out more.

What about coverage…

Does Insurance Cover HBOT Therapy?

There are some conditions when hyperbaric oxygen therapy is covered by insurance in the United States. Gangrene, radiation burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, and decompression illness fall under this category. Typically, insurance doesn’t pay for these sessions for the ailments we use them for. Call us and ask if your ailment is covered if you are unsure.

What about age restrictions and older patients…

Is HBOT Safe For Elderly Patients?

Absolutely! For patients who are elderly or on the verge of retirement, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is excellent. HBOT has been demonstrated to have an incomparable boost that combats the indications of ageing and to offer a variety of anti-aging advantages. Many recent studies show that hyperbaric oxygenation decreases cell death (apoptosis) and benefits diabetic neuropathy, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and general health and recovery. We are discovering additional advantages of HBOT therapy every day. Call us to chat with one of our specialists if you or a loved one are curious yet unsure. We’re more than pleased to address any questions you may have.

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