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After only a few sessions, many of our athletes start to reap the rewards of HBOT sports performance therapy. Patients seeking a natural method of enhancing athletic performance are increasingly visiting our Washington-area locations nowadays.

People from all walks of life are learning about the numerous advantages of HBOT. HBOT might be the solution you’ve been eagerly searching for, whether you’re looking to manage and assist a problem or you’re just looking to improve your sports and daily performance.

Contact any of our Washington HBOT clinics to find out more about the advantages of HBOT sports and athletic performance enhancement therapy. We are eager to address all of your inquiries.

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Some Of The Benefits Of HBOT

What Can I Expect With Oxygen Therapy?

  • Aid in the removal of toxins from the body and improve the body’s resistance to infection
  • Facilitate the healing of damaged tissues and lessen weariness caused by the body’s cells and
  • Tissues receiving chronically insufficient oxygen.
  • Supply tissues with up to 25 times as much oxygen as usual.
  • The promotion of body stem cell synthesis
  • Shorter time for ligament and tissue healing
  • Successfully heal ischemia and traumatic brain damage
  • Increase immune system activity
  • Reduce edoema and inflammation

Athletes Love HBOT & Are Seeing Results

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In addition to facilitating a quicker return to pre-injury activity levels, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) may also help to improve the injury’s short- and long-term prognosis (Babler and Rhodes, “The Role of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Sports Medicine,” Sports Med. 2000).

When a musculoskeletal system is fatigued, increasing the oxygen supply stimulates cellular activity, boosts the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and encourages the metabolism of fatigue-causing chemicals. HBOT is regarded as a technique for accelerating fatigue recovery. Hyperbaric oxygen as an adjunct athlete: Ishii et al. Sports Medicine 2005

Many health advantages, including cell development and regeneration, cleansing, immunological support, new capillary growth, and enhanced neurological function, are made possible by the increased oxygenation.

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